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LearnWorlds - Makes Your Clients Loyal & Spread the Word
Written by Karl Y. on Dec. 16th 2021
With learnworlds' commitment to quality, they have created a platform that naturally grows your business
There is something very special about LearnWorlds that reminds me of the phrase, "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door."

Now, this isn't exactly true.

The world is full of excellent, under-marketed products who never saw the light of day for more a few people.

But if marketing is "good enough," or in LearnWorlds' case, "great enough," you could have an extreme competitive advantage over other coaches and course creators, because you're delivering quality that your competitors can't tough.

LearnWorlds has the Best 
Learning Platform... Period

These things really stand out about LearnWorlds, and the membership sites you can create with it. 

  • Engaging Immersive Content
    - Like Quizzes, Interactive Exercises, & Demonstrations to make sure your students "get it"
  • Automated Learning Paths
    - Giving your customers the exact learning paths they need to master the skills you're selling. This keeps them "hooked" and renewing their monthly payments.
  • Superb Client Communication
    - LearnWorlds lets you keep in touch with your students in a way that is unmatched by other site creators. You can provide support, feedback, and direction in a way that makes your students truly feel taken care of.
Now there's plenty other great features too, such as the analytics and reporting for how your clients are dealing with assignments, learnings, and engagement. 

The bottom line is that you have perhaps the best chance here of getting your customers happy, loyal, and referring new customers to you.

This point can't be understated. When you provide this amazing level of satisfaction, your programs begin to sell themselves.

What About The Marketing?

One thing I love about LearnWorlds is that it never forgets that you are running a business.

It's top priority is the satisfaction of your customers, but they also want you to get really, really rich.

That's why they have a great array of sales and marketing tools available.

Is it a little more expensive than the original? Yes.

However, it has the potential to make you more money and make your clients and customers happier than ever.

And the way things are going now, you can expect prices will rise.

So I would look at the informational page here, and make your decision. 

  • Customizable Landing Pages 
    - You can create sales pages, opt-in pages, and webinars that help sell people into joining your programs. This includes both low-end courses at the $47 point, and high-end learning programs at the $2,000-5,000 price point. 
  • Sales Automation
    - You can great engaging, captivating funnels that suck your prospect's attention. This takes them down the path of opting into your mailing list, trying out some inexpensive offerings, and then eventually taking the plunge into paying you a lot of money for your best "secret stuff" teachings.
  • ​Affiliate Marketing
    - You can have an army of dedicated sales people promoting your courses and programs... and you don't have to pay them a cent until they make you money. LearnWorlds helps you connect with internet affiliates who will refer customers your way, and you just give them a percentage of their referred sales. You decide the percentage and you decide who's allowed to promote you!

    Your customers will promote you based on the quality you provide and how wonderful the coaching experience is through LearnWorlds. 
  • ​Build-In Shopping Cart Service
    - While you can integrate LearnWorlds with many external services, you can do your payment processing entirely "in house." Whether you're recieving lump-sum payments, regular subscriptions, or limited continuity
  • ​Coupons & More
    - There are so many other little features, like coupon codes you can create for 
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