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GoHighLevel = The "Top Dog" For Businesses who Want the Full Package
Written by Karl Y. on Dec. 16th 2021
All-In-One CRM Service, And Host of Client Services Make This the Website Service for Serious Expanding Businesses.
If all you want to do is create high-converting sales funnels, Then GoHighLevel is not for you. Pick Clickfunnels instead.

If all you want is a superb learning experience for your customers, with great marketing automation thrown in, then GoHighLevel is not for you. Pick Learnworlds instead.

But if you intend to have serious business clients... either big ones or a lot of them (or both!), then you'll want GoHighLevel, because they really live up to their name.

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one CRM Tool that provides features like appointment scheduling, website building, email & SMS marketing, and other automation tools that help you streamline your operations and create loyal, high-paying customer relationships. 

GoHighLevel is Best for Hands-On Coaches

With GoHighLevel, you get...

  • Lead Generation
    -Create attractive landing pages and email lists that help you follow up and close new clients
  • CRM and Pipeline Management
    - Keep track of how close a prospective client is to closing (This is important for the big fish clients who will be providing 90% of your potential wealth)
    - Appointment Scheduling for meeting with clients and collecting more fees.
    - SMS/Text marketing to keep you always in mind
  • Website Building
    - To present yourself as a high-end professional who deserves their trust and financial investment. Easy drag-and-drop website builder.
Now, it cannot be overstated how helpful that CRM & Pipeline Management is to creating a very profitable coaching business.

A lot of these wealthy clients need a number of conversations to close the deal. 

This is true whether you're dealing with a millionaire who is looking to find his new life purpose... or a Fortune 500 Company who wants a high end consultant.

If you're planning to coaching a big business directly, you may be moved from a receptionist, to a Junior Executive, to a VP, and then back to another Junior Executive who has no idea of any previous conversations.

That's why it's so important to be able to keep track of where you are in the sales process.

So Why is GoHighLevel More Expensive?

So when you compare to other services like ClickFunnels and LearnWorlds, there's no question that GoHighLevel is a pricier pick.

That's why I would say that this service is more for if you already have a solid client base, or if you're very confident that you soon will be dealing with very high-end clientele who need a fair amount of interaction. 

This is why GoHighLevel is also the go-to service for advertising and marketing agencies who serve large companies. It's that intricate. 

How to Use GoHighLevel to Market, 
Sell, & Close Coaching Clients

As great as the follow-up system is for GoHighLevel, it's extremely important to make sure a service like this will make getting those initial leads and sales start dripping in... then flooding you with cash-paying clients. 
  • Landing Pages to Grab Leads 
    - Even if you would fail basic design, you can create a very professional opt-in or landing page using their templates. This can help build a mailing list where you can stoke interest in your services.
  • Chatbots to Sell for You 
    - This is a feature that continues to get better, thanks to AI. Instead of you answering the same questions over and over (or praying they read the FAQ), your chatbot can politely answer all of this for you and then direct the prospect to either contact you or sign up right on the website. 
  • Sales Appointments
    - The more you charge, the more likely that you'll need a one-on-one sale call at some point. While there's nothing wrong with simply scheduling a call over email, it adds a higher level of professionalism and dazzle when your prospect has to use an automated appointment setter to set aside time with you. It makes you sound much more busy and that you have your act together.

    - You can even artificially set certain blocks of time as unavailable and it will create the illusion that you have a lot of important meetings to attend. And hey, who is to say that your plan to watch The Bachelorette at 3pm doesn't count as "Unavailable Time"?
  • Email Campaigns
    - Some customers just need a quick autoresponder sequence to sign up with you, and some need to be hovering around you for years before taking the plunge. Either way, GoHighLevel will give you stress-free engagement where you set up follow-ups as you wish, all with no 3rd party software required. 
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